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2004-07-27 06:29:37 (UTC)

tomorrows plans

tomorrow, my FIRST day off in over a month and half.. i am
going to spend the day with... BRETT! LoL, after he gets
off football, and after his dr. appt.. we're going to the
newport aquarium! i'm so pumped!! i haven't been there
since the week it opened. but yea... so we're going to do
that, and then he has to work 6-9.. so im stuck at home w/
the parents. jesus christ, if my mom asks me one more
question, or yells at me for doing something wrong one more
time, im going to scream at her. parents are gay... brett
and i were talking a while ago, about how we don't want to
be like our parents. i think its funny that parents are
supposed to teach you values, morals, and give you an
example of good parents, and guide you into becoming good
parents yourself. HA fuck that.. the ONLY thing my mom is
doing is teaching me exactly what im NOT going to be.

anyway.. school starts in like 20 days. a senior, finally,
class of 2005 baby... fucking kiss my ass.. one more year
and im off to UK. i can't wait... the independence, i'm
going to burn out so quickly. bc there is a good chance ill
be living w/ brett, so we'll get to finally stay w/ each
other over night w/o my mom shitting a brick, and ill be
able to drink any time i please due to the fact my mom and
dad won't be gay and wait for me to come home. and i have a
job lined up already.. my sister is now a store manager
down at a lextown block buster and she told me she would
hire me for $7 and hour and i get to make my own
schedule... hell ya! EAAAASY shit... oh well, i've just
glanced at the clock.. def. 2:30.. lol i need to sleep!


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