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2004-07-27 01:19:39 (UTC)

Green Beans

I bought 25 pounds of green beans today and spent the
afternoon washing, snipping, blanching and freezing them.
There's something comforting, somehow, about putting food by
during the hot summer months. It's a connection to my
foremothers who did it too but it was much harder work for
them. I bought the green beans, I didn't grow them. The
cold water to wash them came out of a faucet; I didn't have to
haul it out in buckets from a well. There was a quiet
snip, snip sound as I clipped off the ends while listening
to the breeze outside the kitchen window. A few birds sang
as I cut them into uniform pieces and put them into the pot
of water to blanch them. The steam almost looked green.

I plunged them into ice water, drained them, and put them
into plastic bags to plop them in the freezer. No canning
jars, no processing the jars in the big canner and placing
them on folded towels on the kitchen counter when the timer
went off, no waiting for the lids to make their soft
popping sound to prove they'd taken. I have packets of
green beans now waiting to be put into stews and soups
during the cold winter months and I feel a sense of

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