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2004-07-26 23:54:04 (UTC)

2 Gigs Over the Weekend

I got 2 last-minute gigs over the weekend, one
playing at an art reception at Shane's gallery, and the
other at an art reception in Laguna Beach. My fingers are
shredded, but it was fun- and I made $50 :o) I met this
woman who happens to be the mom of someone I went to high
school with, and she wants to book me a bunch of gigs.
Sort of be my agent, for 10% of gig profit. Since she
books $500 gigs, I think I'm okay with that %! So I guess
soon I'll be playing a lot. I already have a steady Sunday
gig, if I want it, at La Petit Gallerie, and the owner of
Italian Cravings wants me to play there regularly too. Woo-
I just got off the phone with Jerry, who I hadn't
spoken to in a long long time. He's doing okay, still
trying to get his spiritual life in order and putting his
relationships on the backburner. I don't mind. I'm glad
he's doing good, and that he seems to be over his 'thing'
for me. Maybe we could be real friends if he's not gonna
have a crush on me! :oP