My piece of reality
2004-07-26 21:06:12 (UTC)

this is me in 2004

*1 minute ago: I was reading my old entries

*1 hour ago: I was moving into my new house

*1 day ago: I was spending time with Bart

*1 week ago: I was in my routine of working, going to
Barts and coming home.

*1 month ago: I was worrying about whether I would pass my
classes or not

*1 year ago: I was graduating high school.

*1 lifetime ago: I was at home in ohio.

01. I hurt: when friends only call when their boyfriend
isnt around

02. I love: my friends, Bart, my family, i'm working on
loving God again.

03. I hate: people who judge people based on what someone
else said, being used,

04. I cry: hardly ever anymore.

05. I fear: death, losing loved ones, spiders,
thunderstorms, tunnels, lol.

06. I hope: that Bart and i will last forever

07. I sadden: when i think about my friends in ohio. they
are the only true ones i have who have stuck by me through

08. I feel alone: sometimes. not as much as i used to, but
still sometimes.

09. I kill: to be a better person.

10. I talk: a lot. i dont always make sense, i say stupid
stuff ((what happens at weigh stations??)) but oh well.
love me for me.

11. I listen: when someone needs me. even if thats the
only time i hear from them.

12. I break: when i'm in church and the sermon makes me
realize just how far from Christ i really am.

13. I see: that i dont know half as much as i think i do.

14. I smell: laundry

15. I taste: cheez-its.

16. I work: at being a better person

17. I remember: my past. its been an interesting one.

19. I hide: too much. 3 people in the world know the real
me. i'm scared to let her out.

20. I pray: not nearly as much as i should.

21. I walk: not enough. i need to start exercizing.

22. I drive: a blue camry. my 4th car. and i drive a lot
of ppl crazy.

23. I read: magazines mostly.

24. I burn: to be able to show bart just how much he means
to me.

25. I breathe: air?

26. I play: games whenever i can. card games, car games,
whatever. i love to have fun.

27. I miss: Ohio. still........almost 4 years later.

28. I touch: hopefully someday i will touch someones life.

30. I feel: love. for the first time in my life.

31. I know: that no matter what comes along, i'm gonna be

33. I dream: of my future and wonder where it will lead.

35. I want: to be a good friend, and a good person

36. I fall: in life, in my faith, i fall short of where i
wanted to be.

37. I wait: for tomorrow

38. I need: to be more accepting of myself.