My piece of reality
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2004-07-26 20:49:26 (UTC)

Finally over it

Its been an eon since i've updated this thing and i know
no one reads it anyways, but i don't care. i am finally
over john kieck. it took me almost 2 years, but i did it.
last christmas i met the one. i've known bart for a few
years now just from hanging out down at the shop with the
guys, but i never really talked to him. this year, someone
got on my SN and talked to a lot of my friends and said
they (i) wanted to sleep with them and a lot of nasty
stuff. bart was one of those who got IM'd. i'd never
talked to him online before in my life, but after that he
started to talk to me to find out if it was me before or
someone else. i was pretty pissed off at whoever it was at
first, but now all i can say is thank you. bart and i have
been together for 6 and 1/2 months and ive never been
happier in my life. its so nice not to have to wonder if
hes gonna call, or if hes gonna be nice today, or if hes
out with another girl. cause he always calls, is always
nice, and wouldnt cheat on me for the world. i thought i
knew what love was before but boy was i way off. this is
the best. we spend just about every day together, and we
do so much fun stuff. we went to a monster truck show last
january, we go to home shows, the movies, out with
friends, daytona, cocoa beach, its always something new.
hes awesome. hes not only my best friend, but my better
half. i've heard it once if ive heard it a thousand times
that God made someone for everyone. no one is perfect, but
the one thats made for you is perfect in your eyes. bart
is my perfect. everything fits, everything works in sync.

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