Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2004-07-26 19:37:52 (UTC)

2 shows ½ a tooth and a fat lip

ok so this is my diary of my week/weekend:

Wednesday – Pre party for Atlantis…it was awesome coming in
on a red carpet, having people taking my picture, open bar,
and free food, a lot of people that are either good people
or too cool for anyone, a few minor celebrities…it was a
good time

Thursday – Atlantis Showcase…good bands, good show, good
friends,… too many red bulls, no sleep (read previous diary
for more info)

Friday – I cracked, I needed time alone, I needed time to
think, I needed to sleep, I watched Bourne Identity, did
laundry, played on the internet, organized my CD’s, read,
and slept…thank you for being understanding

Saturday – I worked, read, and hungout…I had good talks,
and met cool people, and watched good comedy…"does that
water fountain have frog sound effects?"

Sunday – I woke up, folded shirts, tried to locate my band
members, loaded in, hungout, watched friends play, drank
too much, played, watched a friend get "jumped"
ok so heres the deal: Apparently one of my friends said
this band played terrible, and they were drunk but that
he’d like to see them again some other time. And somehow
their lead singer heard another version of that got mad put
on brass knuckles and then hit Jon 3 to 4 times. All I know
is that "Here Comes The Metric System" stopped half way
through a song and their lead singer was running off. my
friend cut his lip so deep he had to get 6 stitches and he
broke his tooth. Apparently their lead singer came back and
the cops too him away. And then some other dude for no
apparent reason set fire to a couch in the upstairs of the
Masquerade and therefore they had to cut a huge hole in it
and it might be shut down for a while. So that’s the news.
I don’t think there will be a Miss Tattoo Atlanta again…
atleast not at the Masquerade.

yep so now I am at work and not working…YAY
ok back to the grind

CD – Hives / Tyrannosaurus Hives – amazing (buy it)
Movie – Bourne Identity – I always thought this would suck
but it was really good. njow I will see the sequel
Book: the Little Prince – it was amazing (read my previous