aris' thoughts
2001-10-09 12:28:01 (UTC)

new beginning

ok, i swallowed hard and spoke to Ma'am yesterday. as
scared as i was somehow i managed to meet Her demands last
night and luckily , thankfully am back in my place at Her
feet...thank god! i went to bed last night with a big sigh
of relief as i knelt before the candles inhaling my
Mistress strength to recite my prayer to Mistress. i took
my time in doing this making sure to concentrate on every
word and letting them seep into my soul. this is a new
beginning and i know how well behaved and obedient i must
be. i must not NOT risk losing the honour to serve Her
again, for without my Mistress, i feel i am nothing. from
this day foward i will never forget my place and to whom i
owe that to, my Mistress. the days of yesterday are gone
and this is the real deal, there are no more boundaries,
shame, and my every existance is dedicated to pleasing Her
ONLY!!! i can not and will not want things any other way
than my Mistress way and never will i judge or ridicule
again. there are no other accusations other than She is a
strong ass Domme, which is exactly what this slave needs.
it is time to let go of things and knowing how much i trust
my Mistress, how much i love, how much i long only to
please Her and grow with Her under Her guidance letting go
should not be an issue now that i realize what i need to
do. i will be kneeling before Her in about 4 hours and need
to prepare for this so will cut this off here.