my life sux
2004-07-26 11:30:07 (UTC)

Here I go again with my seizures increases

Hello everone,
I'm having a lot increased seizures because I'm still trying
to come off the Klonopin, and yesterday I went down in the
kitchen and really hurt myself.
Ihave a nasty bruise on my left lower arm this morning, no
make that two.
And on my right lower arm the bump is below my skin but
doesn't hurt anymore and it really did yesterday.
It looks like I will not ever stop having seizures Jesus
And GOD only knows I do take my meds unlike some ppl who
refuse to because of the side effects.
I've totally given up in anythiny and do believe I'd be
better off dead and know Dennis my husand is the only one in
my family that truly loves me.