shifting mists
2004-07-26 08:11:03 (UTC)

I don't know what to say...

You fail yourself.
I fail myself.
I wake up with it... I sleep with it.
It has in so many ways become my life.

I don't stand in front of the fridge anymore.
There is no point.

And if the sickness could come out with the waste?
I would have found the way by now.

You have lost nothing but the crumbling edges of
ancient parchment

Just do what you want.
Fuck the rest
None and nothing is important anyway

Define mistake.
We are all the product of mistakes in one way or another.
No matter what the definition.

Silence is the answer to what you don't know.
Silence is the answer to what you want to know.
Silence is the answer to what you didn't want to know.
But then again...
Maybe it's not.
Because I sit in your silence and I have found nothing
Nothing but an ache that grows
and grows

My arms are open
Just the fingers are broken.
You did this
You do this
It is your choices
Not mine

But it does not change anything

Somewhere along the way I was misplaced

I would say goodbye but I fear the finality

I'm still here
The one who is gone… is you.
I simply never stopped you from leaving

I know.