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2004-07-26 00:28:02 (UTC)

Another Quiet Sunday

A few household chores, some gardening and yardwork, church,
a nap, reading and quilting was how I spent my day.

I'm always up early, often by four, usually by five, and
always before six so it's not too surprising I'm tired by
the middle of the day and take a nap. I like to go outside
in the early morning (or perhaps it's late night) hours and
enjoy the quiet, look at the stars and moon and feel the
cool breeze on my face. Sometimes I'll see a wild rabbit or
two or one of our cats dozing in the flower bed. If it's
twilight I'll hear a few early waking birds twittering in
the trees. I like the stillness, the coolness,the gentleness
of that time before we all must begin dealing with the
responsibilities and tasks of the day.

P.S. Happy 23rd birthday, Jack!

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