2004-07-25 18:36:44 (UTC)


Yea since Friday was a really bad day I decided to cry last
night. I cried for the longest time and I haven't cried
since I was in Washington and fought with Alex on the
phone. I really love him and all this shit is drifting us
apart or seperating us. I am at the library and I'm in a
dress! I feel weird. I just came from church which is right
across the street. Also last night Jojo called and I wanted
us to stay friends whether I liked him or not! Well today I
plan On going to this chick's house cuz I'ma be in her
quinceanera and she's havin a meetin. I really miss Amanda,
my best friend, and can't wait till she comes back. This
week I'm going to be hangin out with my homie Claudia alot
cuz of this camp we're going to. My other best friend,
Sylvia, hates Claudia and I don't care if she gets mad or
not cuz I can choose my own friends. I also really miss
Kevin. He left yesterday to Cali. I asked him to take pics
of the hot surfer guys!!! DAMN!! LOL! well i gotz 2 go!!
Ya'll chillax and peace out...side!!! lol

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