2004-07-25 02:29:12 (UTC)

Update for Saturday, July 24, 2004

I wrote my entry too early in the day. In mid-afternoon
John asked if I wanted to go into town. This way we could
ride around in the van, which is air conditioned, and then
go to places which were also air conditioned and do it
during the hottest part of the day. Worked for me!

So Saturday also included a trip into Corvallis and Albany.
We did the recyling, went to Goodwill where I found two
frames I wanted plus a great cast iron skillet. Then on to
the library where I picked up my books on hold and also
found some magazines (Ellery Queen's mystery magazine for
July, the two most recent Quilter's Newsletter and an
Interweave Knits magazine I hadn't seen before). We made a
quick stop at Staples for John to pick up some things. Then
it was on to Albany. We went to Costco where John bought
beer and we put gas in van.

We didn't have chicken sandwiches for dinner after all. We
had shrimp, pork chow mein, and chicken sub gum. We brought
the leftovers home for lunch tomorrow. We also stopped at
Goodwill before heading for home I wish we hadn't. Not
only didn't I find anything, I saw one woman with a
beautiful old quilt rack in her cart and another with a
small, carved, wooden, painted shabby-chic dark green
cabinet with white porcelein knobs. ARGGG! Oh, well.
Maybe next time.