My Life
2004-07-25 00:17:25 (UTC)

aggh! Its been forever and a day!

Its been forever and a day since I posted here...
Let me catch everyone up to speed..
I did leave my husband
and I had twins that were born in March 2002!!
I have 3 boys now!

They are my life.
Sometimes I feel like Running away but I'm trying to keep
everything together.

There is no significant other currently in my life,
although i've been out on a few dates here and there with
a few different men.

No Darrell tho. I haven't seen him in years..

Stefanie hates me and So does Kenny.
I think it has something to do with my personality and the
fact that I have Bipolar disorder but i'm not sure.

ANywayz! I will write more in here laterz when I have time
again hopefully it will be sooner than a few years! *lol*