My usually fucked up life...
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2004-07-24 23:23:46 (UTC)

Just ramble

Okay, I know I haven't wrote here in a while but things have
been odd lately. I'm still worrying about the situation with
My grandmother. I just found out that My ex is going to be
losing her phone and may lose her cable (including her
internet) soon due to the lack of money. It is almost like
I'm supposed to still be obligated to try to help out that
household too even though I have this one as well now to
work on. I have so much to worry about around here though
too. My mother's unemployment is about to run out and she
can't find work. My sister and her boyfriend don't have jobs
either and I can't find a job because of all the kids out of
school for the summer. But at least I'm trying. I have only
gotten written notice of one of My two regular disability
checks since moving back here so I think the city is going
to fuck Me out of money. My family has only been eating once
a day lately due to lack of money and that was part of what
broke My ex and Me up but being family, I can't exactly
"break up" this "relationship". I am so bored that I usually
sit here on My ass all day and do almost absolutely nothing
because I can't go anywhere or do anything unless I walk or
get a ride and I can't afford shit. I think I wrenched and
fucked up My back again. I moved the other night and
suddenly sat up and almost screamed in pain as it went to
over 3 times as much of My back and went from the pressure
feeling of the scar tissue on My spine to a constant knife
slicing sensation and that's what it is now. I'll probably
have to go in for yet another surgery about that. I'm
calling monday to make an appt. to find out what is exactly
wrong if I can hold out that long. I know this seems like it
is just made for My bitch sessions of life but then again
there hasn't been anything good happen in My life lately
so...oh well. Well, I guess I'm done for now. I'll write
more when I find out about My grandmother more and My money
situation more and about My back problem more.

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