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2004-07-24 22:40:39 (UTC)

Yesterday was the worst day!!!!!!

So yea I met this guy Jojo and he told his chik Kylie that
we kissed 4 times!!!! I love Alex and wouldn't do that
again!!! the worst thing is that my friend Sylvia was being
really bitchy aboutthe whole situation! I still love her
though! Then when I get home I had to go to a pool party
but instead I went to the creek and jumped off the railroad
tracks. Then my dad got all pissed cuz first of all we
didn't have towels to get in the car and second we didn't
tell him. Thank god that heleft today to Mex. Now the
fuckin cheerleaders are all mad at me cuz "I kissed him." I
feel crying. And my life sucks right now so much. And my
grandma is at the "mental" hospital cuz of depression!
Damn! I feel so alone and I feel like crying so much! I
love Alex! I miss Amanda!