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silent wishes
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2004-07-24 03:32:05 (UTC)

so...its been awhile

yea...i dont actaully remember the last time i wrote in
here. ah well, maybe when school starts i'll more have
interesting stuff to write about.

so i've had band camp for the past 4 days. i have to say
it was enjoyable altho i have muscles hurting that i didnt
know i had to begin with. but it does feel good to have
something to do other than think for a change. but yea,
other than being sore, nearly everyone in my section has
started to plan murder on this one guy. but i do have to
admit, that other than being sore, i had a good time. well,
except for getting so pissed that i cried yesterday, but

oh and for my actual reason for writting this in the 1st
place. i got my driver's license today. whoo!! go me. i'm
happy. now, only to get something so that i actually can
drive. but whoo!! i get to take me places now. yay. and
when my boyfriend goes off to college, i can see him
without him having to drive almost an hour to come get me.

forever 17