No Name
2004-07-23 21:05:57 (UTC)

Such a long time...

I have not been here since a little bit before Isaiah was
born, he's ten months now! It has been a while, but it has
been a worthwhile. I must confess that God has been working
in my life like the waves at the ocean... I guess you have
to be me to understand it. Well, when I was in seventh and
eigth grade the devil stole my joy, but Jesus has restored
it. Not only did he save me, but he also gave me back my
everlasting smile, and my laughter. I am very blessed to
serve Him. My soul grieves though, I haven't seen those
whom I love saved yet. But I trust that my Lord and Savior
will touch their hearts and make Himself available to them.
I sure pray that they would make the right choice. He won't
force Himself upon anybody, He is a gentleman, not a
meanie. I'll write more later, I have to go.
Teresa Castaneda