Visions Of Life
2004-07-23 18:47:10 (UTC)


I have two finals and 2 papers due early next week. Then I
am done with school for a couple weeks until fall semester
starts. I am still waiting for unemployment and still
volunteering at my old job. I am also looking for a new
job. A couple of days ago I finally snapped out of my
depression which is a good feeling.

My brother cried like a sissy when my dad gave him that
letter. He still claims he is getting help, but the
diagnosis he said his doctor told him is fake. I believe
the severe bipolar diagnosis because I am bipolar and thats
how he acts. He also said it was his girfriend who stole my
dads checkbook, not him. Also another lie because he has
the same name as my dad and could get away with it.Plus,
how would his girlfriend know where the check book is and
why would he still be with someone who stole his dads
checkbook. I hate him. I still need to mail him a letter
saying he has lost me as a sister and that i never want to
see him again unless one day he turns into a man i can look
up to. He is scum and I wish he would just vanish forever
and quit causing people pain.