sheesh ya fuck
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2004-07-23 03:26:18 (UTC)

vulnerable in this new moon..

vulnerable in this new moon
suck the blood and beg for more
just another chain lock cutting my wrists
nervous with the souls panting in my skull
beating down the walls to bury more
drink the poison and all will fall
i need that to be the one that collapses
the breaths stinking up my insight
blotter up the pitter patter
wake yourself up because this isnt right
never right enough to sell the wrong
i wanted the dreams to drip you out of your needles
apologies are forgotten
repetition is today
grudge me not im the one that carries the coals
dissolve me in this spite
release me
bullet to the head
blame me
im clawing the paint of the picture you
painted of me
the forgiveness gives me hate
the love brings me to late
to late t o he ar t h e sta tic
of strobing tragedies
i am t o o f u c k e d u p
t h e sc re ams of h e r a r e too