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2004-07-22 23:37:05 (UTC)

This isnt' where i parked my car!

Heylo all! hows it goin? Thot id cum n write in this on my
1st day back in my hoose in Scotland..woO! marvellous!
hehe.. thats a pretty kewl word init!

Well today i came home n it didnt quite work out like i had
planned..planned to come in n lie straight on ma bed bt i
went up 2 ma grans for a bit n then came home n talked 2
Chris n Craig 2 c if they had any good parties..turns out
they didnt..or they say that anywayz..the hoose was pretty
spotless im quite impressed..apart from the toilet its all clean nows..!

Tonight went up2 Lisas n chilled for a bit with her then
Emma came back from the bowlin n came over for a
while..twas a real good nite..had such a good laff..n even
got hyper off the e numbers in the sweets..woo! who needs
alcohol wen u hav e numbers eh..?! n im not talkin bt
ecstasy before n e one says it..! We had a good gossip n
yass the best piece of gossip this year has cum makes me smile while thinkin bt it! :-P!
aww im rly quite sad! lol

Tomorrow i dont think im gonna do much durin the day..needa
tidy my room etc n then Cammies cummin over at nite..!
yass! Am well lookin forward 2 cin him..shud b good..! I
think we're jus gonna chill in n watch "The Shawshank
Redemption" coz apparently its amazin bt i aint saw it so
aye..n we're gonna eat pizza..n possibly drink bt possibly
not if hes drivin! hmmm..infact definately not if he's
drivin..i dont want him 2 b dead..:-(! Id cry! anywayz!

- x adios x -

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