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2004-07-22 23:01:59 (UTC)


I know 100 degree temperatures are nothing to many who live
in other parts of the country, but here in temperate Oregon
it's unusual and difficult to adjust to.

I was up early and baked a lasagne using leftover spaghetti
sauce. Tonight I plan on just microwaving it, making a
salad and some garlic bread. Simple and easy.

Corvallis was on my agenda for today and while I was there I
picked up the library books I had on hold. Kelly was
checking out books and I had the chance to tease her about
all the business she could expect to get tomorrow and
Saturday when the temperatures are predicted to be even higher!

A quick trip to the fabric store to buy several yards of
yellow and red fabrics which I plan to use as setting strips
for two different scrap tops and two bags of batting which
were 40% off. Yes, I know how silly it sounds to be
thinking of making quilts on such a hot day but I'm glad I
went in there and discovered their batting sale. I may even
go and stock up some more!

I've watered the flowers in the front yard and left on the
hose trickling on the dogwood tree. Later in the cool of
the evening, I'll water everything in the back yard.

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