Marco Jacksonovic

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2004-07-21 22:58:33 (UTC)

Edinburgh. Friday. The 'And We Love You For Loving Us' Entry.

After I'd met Didi, we had about an hour before the shops
would start shutting and were about 20 seconds from
St, so we wandered off - hoping I could get a shirt as the
Screamadelica one (though cool) was far too small really.

First place we came to had a chap in a kilt outside and
(who had been taking so many photos I'm convinced he's a
spy) took his picture, though I managed to prevent him
getting a Scots hat & ginger hair combo....

So, as everyone in a "my friend is acting like a fool with
the natives" scenario HAS to do, we went to Marks &
It was a dream come true. Firstly, the place was loaded
beige trousers (didn't buy any) but then there was plenty
short sleeve bold coloured shirts (2 - red and a pastelly
yellow) and THE most wonderful guy working behind the
counter there.

Firstly, his cashback question (answered - "Yeah,
can I have £20 please. In case I get caught in a pub") he
LOVED that. He agreed it'd be terrible to be caught in a
without any money, and handed it over.

Even more than that, he loved the pink £10 note I have in
wallet - I can't spend it because its SO COOL. He was
shocked... "But aren't you gutted that you can't spend it
because its SO COOL?!" "Not really...I like it" "Is it
" "Yeah...have a look" (Hands him tenner) (He holds it up
light) "It is yeah..."

I loved that guy, and more than that, it was people like
with enthusiasm and friendliness that MADE our trip to
Edinburgh. And re-established my hope for the human race.

After that, we continued wandering, looking for Jackson's
Entry, but it was never forthcoming (it is there, though,
subsequent searches have told) - but we did find a charity
shop - I got a rather snappy wide brimmed leisure hat, and
Didi got and equally snappy 2004 - Ediburgh T-Shirt for a
pound. Results.

We wandered on down what was Holyrood Rd, and then
something that in retrospect looked like a giant insect
was out of the ground. Dynamic Earth, they called it, with
giant faux-hawks (how cool does that sound?) outside, and
attractive foreign people telling us all about it, and it
being really hot.

Good work. If we had more time we'd've been back. We
didn't. There was drinking to do, so we went back to the
hostel to start it.

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