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2004-07-21 22:09:01 (UTC)

Don't drink...don't smoke..what do you do..?!

Heylo everybodee! Hows it all going with all the lovely ppl
that read my diary then?! lol...all of the..erm..hunners of
ppl..! anyhoo am ramblin on pish again!

Well its the last nite here in London before returnin 2
beautiful Glasgow...! woO! Iv had a really great time down
here n ill b sad 2 leave..*cries*..! but i will hopefully b
back in October..*which reminds me that i still aint asked
if its ok to lodge in this hoose* oops..och wells..ill ask
laters on..!
So while iv been here..iv went 2 France..went shoppin many
times..swimmin..gym..touristy things..oOo! such as
Millenium Eye..a river boat cruise thing which was really
interestin with all the little facts..and last but not
least the best thing had 2 b......wait for it....

The Houses Of Parliament!!!! LoL!

Ok so they were pretty kewl n stuff n since im doin Modern
Studies etc i thot i shud take interest in politics n it appears that i went over the top a

Last nite spoke 2 Leesha on the fone..was quite funny coz i
was slightly drunk...or as Cammie says in the txt "U must
be out yer nute! Hahaha!" Hmm..*does the raised eyebrow
thing* Anyway she was at Kennys n had a really good time n
stuff so really lookin forward 2 cummin home altho
im sad 2 leave London coz im gonna get 2 c ma gurls again!
*Leesha n Emma*! and im gettin 2 c Cammie! yaas iv hefty
missed him! lol..and Malcolm and ma wee Jonathan of
course..altho hes away in Spain jus nows..*wonders how hes
gettin on without his usual intake of drugs* im sure he'll
hav managed 2 get summit over there anywayz! lol..feels
like i aint saw him for ages coz i didnt c him for like 2
weeks b4 i went away on holiday coz i had the chicken pox
then i didnt c him after it becoz he was ill n
stuff..arghh! anywayz...aye im lookin forward 2 cummin home
anywayz!! ma own bed...! AMAZIN!

Today went 2 Thorpe Park..its a theme park btw..n its the
only theme park in the world that has a 10 loop
rollercoaster..been on it b4 bt went on it again n
stuff..was a good laff..went on tidal wave n got absolutly
fuckin soakin..:-/ went home n feel asleep in the car n
woke up damp n freezin..wasnt good..anywayz had an amazin
shower wen i came in!

Tonite we had a final bbq..which kiks ass coz ma uncles
always do..mMm! twas a good nite actually we all sat about
n chatted n had sum drinks altho i only had one..:-P for
all the ppl who think im constantly steamin!! .. shit.. i
hope no1 thinks that lol!! Vodka..Lemonade..Lime is
definately the way forward with the world..! :-P mMm!
Anyway iv rambled on enuff pish 4 2nite..and i shall
hopefully write in this wen im back in sunny ole' Scotland!!

- x adios x -

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