Dave's Mental Meanderings
2004-07-21 16:54:39 (UTC)

Poem - "On Foreign Shores"

A sunny spot on the courtyard today
Brings forth sweet longings for home,
The smell of the river and the sunset's glow,
I can feel them down in my bones.
The clouds roll by in the strange foreign sky,
At once both lazy and frantic,
Across the coast of the Kingdom they come
From out in that lonesome Atlantic.
'Neath a new set of stars but still not far
From those who would gladly dissect me,
But some coffee, a bed, and the rhymes in my head,
And my music and words will protect me.
These blankets of wisdom, now worn from the wear
Encountered on countless travels,
Though they serve to embrace, they do nothing to chase
The yearnings that often unravel.
Yearnings for smells of food on the stove
On a lazy spring afternoon,
For the grass in the fields and the power it wields
And the halo around the moon,
Yearnings for faces of old in the land
That silently watched as we grew,
For wine-drinking nights in the pastures of heaven,
But mostly just yearnings for you,
A few whispered words that cut through the void,
Exposing my helpless plight,
The feel of the curve of your hip in my hand
As I lie awake in the night,
So simply amazed while lazily gazing
At the asteral mosaic above,
Cigarettes and wine by the bank of the river,
In the nude, in the rain, and in love.
The memory of you is my last source of light
With the glow of the midnight lamp spent,
You're the closest thing to a prayer that I've got
In this land of lonesome enchantment.
Over here my friends are the Thames and the Seine
And my cares ride the breeze like smoke,
The scenery unmatched, but still I'm detached
From what makes it look like a joke.
As the sun sets behind me and each day finds me
A stranger on foreign shores,
My heart's in the west with the one I love best,
Because baby I'll always be yours.