Dave's Mental Meanderings
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2004-07-21 16:47:40 (UTC)

Poem - "A Lone Seagull"

Whispers of love drift by in the breeze
As it dances its way down the beach,
It's fragrant with salt and it's nobody's fault
That my love is just out of reach.
Ripples break on the pebble-strewn shore
At the feet of young lovers entwined,
A lone seagull dives to the darkness below
With hopes of the fish it might find.
The sky is so clear above Rue Meyerbeer
As I search for the pale glow of Mars,
It can barely be found for the streetlights abound,
Leaving room for precious few stars.
As I glance to the sides I'm not one bit surprised
I'm the only one here all alone,
The memory lingers of the smile it brings her
When her body lies next to my own.
At first there were doubts that all would work out
But now I'm entirely sure
As I savor my time with this sweet French wine
On the beautiful Cote d'Azure.
I feel no grief, no misgivings or guilt
Like a holy man after he's sinned,
For I'm living the dream that's haunted my soul
Through the years of the wandering wind.
I'll go home to my love soon enough, but till then
I'll blissfully wander about,
This motley mosaic of water-worn stones
Knows time smooths everything out.
So alas, as I gaze upon foolish young love,
Bitterness clouds not my sight,
Instead I'll just smile and know all the while
They too lay claim to the night.
Just as the seagull will soon fill its beak
With one lucky dive as it's hoping,
I too will find peace with my love in my arms
One day in the great wide open.