All the big things...instead of the smal
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2004-07-21 08:05:29 (UTC)

the thoughts on him-aftermath

he makes you hate urself makes you feel depressed but u
still stand
trying to figure out why everything has to be this way. i
stand speechless
wanting him to just fall in my arms
will never happen
i feel like my world ends everytime i know i wont ever be
with him
he uses me he taunts me he hates me doesnt love me
he will be the one to end up lonely
he might hate the world but nothing will ever change whats
happened to him in the past
i tryed to make him feel better bout love
but i cant change someone so hatefull
how is it to love? really love? will i ever know?will i
ever stop asking these questions?will i ever give up like
he does?
Does it hurt you to tell you i hate you? i bet it doesnt.
im speechless. Do you like that?
do you like it when i cry does that turn you on? do you
like it when i waste my time on something worthless?i bet
you dont. just because you have no heart. none. nothing.
nothing at all. im on my knees now with tears falling like
a waterfall. i stare off feeling dead to the world. I dont
want to feel this way theres someone better out there
better then you better then you will ever be but im sure
you dont care you dont care about anything.
My eyes are numb im done thinking about this about me and
you and hoping things will be alright.
they will never be alright


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