Visions Of Life
2004-07-21 01:41:17 (UTC)

Burn In Hell

Dear Rob,

Since you like to vanish and go on crack sprees every time
you get an unemployment check, I figure I will write you a
letter. Besides, why would I ever want to speak to you
again after all the pain you have caused. Where do you get
the nerve to call me ungrateful? What have you done for me
lately that I should be grateful for? Should I be grateful
that the brother I once looked up to is nothing but a
worthless crack head who uses people for money than tears
their heart out? Should I be grateful that you fuck me
over again and again, no matter how much I help you?
Should i be grateful that you bring my husband into your
sick world because you can't see the reality that you are
the fucked up one, not us? Should I be grateful that you
pawned my wedding present and birthday present because you
are so weak that you need a fix all the time? What fucked
up world do you live in? You are an embarassment to our
family. I never knew you were such a weak individual, but
when you said you couldn't live without crack or pills, I
realized just how pathetic and worthless you are. I
thought you would accomplish great things but again, I was
wrong. You are no better than the ghetto rats that robbed
me. You are no better than the crackheads on the street
who rape and murder for money. I am glad I am nothing like
you. i have a bright future ahead of me and will make
something of myself, unlike you. When will you wake up and
realize that you are fucked in the head and need serious
help? Because of you, I almost lost my dad. Does the fact
that you almost gave him a heart attack mean anything to
you? Do you even care that he ignored his chest pains to
go find your drunk ass in some saloon? Do you even care
that all of his money is wasted on you because he wants
you to get help? Do you care that you hurt him again and
again? A person can only take so much pain from someone
they love, and I am through with you. You are not worth
hurting for. You are not worth worrying about. You are not
worth a damn thing anymore. I wish you were smart enough
to kill yourself that night because this nightmare you
have brought into all of our lives is worse than losing
you to suicide. You have lost someone who truly loved you
and would have done anything for you. Because of your
selfish and stupid behavior, you lost your only sister.
Maybe one day you will sober up and realize what hell you
have put us through. You can never make things better,
between us, but for god's sake, make it up to dad. He
loves you and only wants his son back.