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2004-07-20 17:10:06 (UTC)

Edinburgh. Friday. The 'I Lost Myself' Entry.

Didi's meeting was at 11.45am, so once we'd got the phone
call at about 9.30 telling us where to go, we decided it
was better to get there earlier rather than later. By the
time we'd gone into a very posh bank on the same road and
been told exactly where to go (In a good way) we had half
an hour to kill. So we wandered off to the North of the
city, towards the docks and the Baxter's restaurant
(vaguely). I left Didi on the corner with Italian
restaurants everywhere, and he went to his meeting. (In an
ideal world, the diary would split in two here, but its MY
diary so if he wants the world to know anything he'll have
to tell me first). I headed down the road to the Scottish
National Portrait Gallery. It was alright, I suppose, all
marble effect busts of Scotsmen and women, and then
paintings of various sizes upstairs. The personal
highlights were the background mini-Mozart (He was playing
in the background of one of the paintings aged 14, having
arrived in the Italian city only a few weeks before) and
the scenes of old Scots history around the balcony -
battles with Vikings and such. There was also a larger
than life James Watt...I like Watt, but for me Trevithick
was the TRUE father of steam.

Anyway, I spent about an hour in there and then went for a
wander somewhere else. I can't really tell you where I
went all afternoon, but I did six things before a final
seventh when I met up with Didi at 4.10.

a) Bought a couple of R.E.M. records from a shop on a row
of shops.
b) Spoke to my friends Chrii, and arranged to visit them
in Norwich.
c) Bought a copy of R.E.M.'s Reveal Ltd Edition and a
smaller than I wanted Screamadelica shirt.
d) Bought some sandwiches, sat down to eat them in a park,
and dropped the last one into the dirt.
e) Speculated with some americans as to why the parks were
all locked (They were private gardens, owned by the RICH
locals, it turned out.
f) Bought the Wisden Cricketer Monthly from the most
enthusiastic cricket playing asian scottish newsagent I've
ever met and then sat and read it.

Before g) Went to sit in Starbucks window (I hate
Starbucks but I got a text from Didi telling me he'd be
out at 4, and it was just across the way) until Didi

The afternoon, however, was just beginning. And well it

WILT? The Athlete - Erlend Oye