Life Told Through My Eyes!
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2004-07-20 08:17:01 (UTC)

July 4th.....

um ok so we went to jamie bears house to have some drinks
and then after that we went to go pick up edgar and raul.
we went to the spot and drank. so we got pretty wasted and
then we went to this other street cuz the spot was getting
kind of burned out, so then we got some bud and edgar was
on a mission to find a pipi so he ended up getting a can
and using the lighter to light up a paper to light the was quite funny but he actually ended up doing it,
and it worked. the lighter gave out so at like 4 in the
morning we went to chewy's house after dropping off raul,
edgar went upstairs woke up chewy and got a lighter and we
went to go smoke! it was good. edgar started talking bout
hotdogs and weenies and how they rip us off, it was a grand
ol' time! so yea got home at like 8 in the morning after
sleeping in the car at the spot!

love always,
*~* sofi *~*

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