Too Much to Say
2004-07-20 04:26:29 (UTC)

i love to miss him

i love it when we leave each other wanting more. it's such
a great feeling.

after wrapping up the show and wanting to kill each other
for still singing the songs...we put in the cd just to
listen to it once more. in our swim suits, still wet, we
danced in his living room to all the songs.

he opened up to me in so many ways. i wish i could do the
same for him. i knew my communication problems would come
into play soon enough. i just love how he can talk about
the way he feels. it blows my mind because it is so hard
for me.

i love looking into his eyes and knowing what i mean to
him. i hope he can see the same in my eyes...even when i
don't say it.

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