Pieces of Me
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2004-07-19 22:35:54 (UTC)

What You Don't Know

This entry is going to be made up of just what it sounds
like - what you don't know about me. I'm not including
EVERYTHING you don't know about me, of course, because no
one on the planet knows everything about me... and that's
either because I won't tell everything about me, or
because it wouldn't be understandable even if I did.
Depends on who we're talking about....

But anyway, here's some stuff most people don't know about

1. I love Hanson, and I am not ashamed.

Now let me explain.
- I am not IN love with them, nor am I obsessed with them
in any way. I do not own any pictures of them, I have
never taped posters of them up in my room or anywhere else
for that matter, and I have never screamed, cried, or
experienced any other ecstatic emotion at the
thought/sight/sound of them. I do, however, think that
they are very talented musicians who write, sing, and play
their own music and are just as good live in concert as
they are on their cd's.
I have never met anyone with a valid reason to NOT like
them, and if you're maintaining your anti-Hanson opinion
because you think they look like women or because of their
songs that you heard around the time of 'Mmmbop', those
reasons are no longer valid. They have since cut their
hair and gained more intelligent, thought-provoking
Besides... I bet any song you could write when you were
eleven would suck a lot more. =op

2. I don't have a favorite color.

-This is true. I have favorite colors that I like to wear,
favorite colors that I like to see on other people, and
favorite color combinations that I prefer over others...
but there is no one specific color that I love all the
time no matter what. If I have to choose for some reason,
I usually pick pink, crimson, or white. Although
technically, white isn't a color... but that's beside the

3. 'Vintage' things scare me.

Let me elaborate.
-I have recently discovered that clothing, furniture, and
other material objects from the late 1950's, the 1960's,
and maybe the early 1970's seriously disturb me. I'm okay
with things that LOOK like they were produced or belong
during those eras... but things that actually ARE from
those time periods give me a very creepy feeling. I'm not
really sure why. Maybe it's the funky yet incredibly ugly
colors and patterns, maybe it's the textures that never
should have been created, or maybe it's the gross vintage
smell that inhabits many antique malls as well as some
basements. Whatever it is, I don't like it. I don't like
it at all. LoL.

4. "I'm a little bit country and a little bit rock 'n

-Okay, not seriously... I just stole that line from Donny
and Marie Osmond 'cause it sounded cool. What I REALLY
mean is "I'm a little bit pop and a little bit punk rocker
chick." LoL. I believe that there's a little goth-punk in
all of us... and there's a lot more in me than most people
realize. So if you see me walking around in heavy eyeliner
and dark clothing, don't be surprised. Just remember that
it's not out of character for me or the opposite of who I
usually am... it's just that I'm being more of myself
lately than I have been in the past.

5. I want a tattoo.

-This is pretty self-explanatory. I want to get a tattoo
on my hip when I turn 18, but I don't know what I should
get, so if anyone has any suggestions, feel free to...
well... suggest them to me. LoL.

6. I don't like rollercoasters, but I am NOT afraid of

-Everyone thinks that the reason I don't like
rollercoasters is because I'm afraid of heights and afraid
of the drop. But... no. The real reason why I don't want
to get on big rollercoasters is because they make me sick
to my stomach. I don't really know why, I only know that
my inner ears don't cooperate the way I'd like them to. If
they'd get along with the rest of me, I'd be going on a
lot more rollercoasters because I think being up in the
air at high speeds is totally awesome. But I'm not willing
to put myself in a near-vomit state or give myself a
spinning head (and by that I mean 'dizzy'spinning head
not 'oooh, I'm Linda Blair in the exorcist'spinning
head... LoL) just for the sake of going on a popular ride
only to race over the top of a very high man-made hill and
plunge toward the ground as the laws of physics take
control of the thing I'm strapped into as my common sense
pleads with me. Uh... not to mention that trusting a
machine with your life is just a little risky if you think
about it....

7. I'm stubborn. And I mean REALLY stubborn.

-If you're not Stephen, don't even TRY to get me to do
something that I don't want to do. A lot of people seem to
think that if they constantly pester me about doing
something that I don't want to do, I'll give in
eventually. This is completely untrue. Being stubborn is
in my blood (Irish-Italian, baby!!), and bugging me about
doing something when I have clearly stated that I will not
do it will only make me more stubborn toward it than I was
initially. In fact, when that happens, I now not only
become stubborn and adamant because I don't want to do it,
but I also become stubborn and adamant because you're now
pissing me off and I want to prove that I won't budge no
matter what you do. LoL. Feel free to use that for future

8. I think women are more attractive than men.

-This does not mean that I'm a lesbian or even a bisexual,
although sometimes I wish I was. LoL. This simply means
that in the unlikely event that I should be forced to view
a naked person, I would definitely choose a female... not
because I'm am more physically attracted TO females, but
because they're just easier to look at. Perhaps it's
because females are the 'fairer sex' and appear to be more
symmetrical... or maybe it's just that dangling male
genitalia are severely unflattering. Pack those things
away, guys... just pack 'em away! Hehe....

9. I hate crying in front of people.

-I consider myself to be a very emotional person, allowing
myself to recognize and feel every emotion that surfaces
as long as it's rational and I know why I feel that way. I
don't mind letting people know how I feel about things
emotionally, but I tend to restrict myself and keep most
things inside until I'm alone. I'm not completely positive
why this is, but I think a lot of it has to do with
viewing myself and wanting others to view me as a strong
person. I'm sensitive, but I am not breakable. Like I
always say: "I'm a woman, not a wuss."

10. George Dubya is my all-time favorite president.

-Please, no political debates. I refuse to argue with
people about why he is or isn't a good president. But
aside from the fact that I think he has done a lot for
this country and accomplished much of what he promised to
do at the beginning of his term (if you really want the
list, I'll go look for it), I also think he's just a great
person. He's a Christian, he's very pro-life, he says
everything with pride and confidence (even if some of his
words aren't TECHNICALLY words... LOL), he stands up for
what he believes in even in the face of criticism, and
he's just SO DANG CUTE!! He's just adorable, in an old
person kinda way, and I'm voting for him in November no
matter what anyone has to say about it!!!! I apologize to
my liberal friends (even though I'm not sorry at all), but
I just can't resist that grin.
DUBYA, I LOVE YOU! You're the MAN!!

11. 'South Park' is awesome.

-I know, I know. Doesn't seem like my type of show, right?
Well, that's what you think! South Park rocks!! Maybe it's
obscene and offensive, but it's freakin' hilarious. We can
all learn important life lessons from South Park, such as:

*Never believe anyone if they try to convince you that
pubic hair has monetary value*
*You're not fat, you're big-boned*
*Trust your friends if they tell you that you've
got a giant alien satellite sticking out of your butt*
*Your mother can also be your father*
*Canadians are people too, despite the fact they their
heads flap*
*Don't resort to cannibalism because of peer pressure,
even if it's dinner time*
*Sex is not such a beautiful thing, especially when it's
between an elephant and a pig*
*Your dog really can be gay*
*If you build a nation of sea men, they will become too
advanced and eventually destroy themselves*
*If you have to touch Mr. Hanky, don't let anyone see you
do it*
*You must be 18 to join NAMBLA*
*Gerbils are strong, adventurous creatures, but your
gastrointestinal tract is not a habitrail*
*Treehouses are magical places*
*Drugs are bad, mmmkay...*
*It's not okay to join the special olympics unless you're
actually handicapped... and if you are, don't use
*It's okay to insult people as long as your offensive
behavior is equally distributed*
*Only girls have periods*
*Don't kick the baby!*
*If you get served, it's probably best to just leave it at

12. I can't stand using public bathrooms.

-Ya know that guy in American Pie who refuses to use the
bathrooms at school under all circumstances (except when
someone slips him a laxative)? Yeah, that's me... except
with X chromosomes, of course. The only time I will even
THINK about using a public bathroom (school, mall, grocery
store... wherever) is when I desperately need to relieve my
bladder. Other than that, I am NOT placing the delicate
flesh on my precious B-O-O-T-Y anywhere near those bacteria-
covered toilet seats. Ugh.... I mean, you can never be sure
who sat there before you. Not a pleasant thought if you ask

I'll add to this list as more things come to me. =o)