Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2004-07-19 19:57:12 (UTC)


Day 11
“The essence of following Jesus is to love to point of
risking everything”
Lord what are you doing?
“You can’t make a milkshake without stirring stuff up”
And God is definitely doing that
I pray that God would continue to shake up my life and this
bands life to the point where the only thing we have
keeping us sane is him.
How many of your friends/family are Christian?
How often is God involved in conversations?
How often do you pray (talk and listen)?
Read your bible?
Discuss your relationship?
I think we all need to take one huge plunge and trust our
Father enough not to let us sink.

Ok yeah I know… day 11
We were mixing “A Day In The Life (Of The Living Dead)”
And remixed a little of “Until It’s You”
The whole day was spent, reading my Beatles book, watching
a Jeff Buckley DVD, playing on the internet, and playing an
amazing PS2 game (burnout 2…the object of the game was to
cause HUGE car accidents and the bigger they are the better
you do…how awesome is that)…with the occasional
interruption by Jeremiah (who was doing all the work) to
ask questions on the timing, the key, and the sound of the

Other than that my weekend was a bevy of ups and downs. I
believe I was on a roller coaster and God was the only
thing keeping me from barfing. It’s amazing what you can
learn. I am thankful for friendships, and I am proud of
myself for doing things I normally would never do or not
doing things I would normally do. I hope I continue to grow
and be strong. OK now I must work.

CD: The Thrills / So Much For The City (they are so great I
have one of their songs stuck in my head for almost 24
Movie: Spiderman 2 (CHEESY very, very Cheesy)
Book: Revolution: The Making Of The Beatles’ White Album
(why would you write a book about an album and a band that
you don’t really like?)