Life's choices
2004-07-19 19:15:43 (UTC)

Exes, their girlfriends and more!!!

The most bizarre thing happened to me today. I was asked
to go to a meeting by an associate of mine (call her Ann)
and everything would be fine if I didn't know that she
became my ex's woman soon after we split up. So not trying
to put so much as 2 and 2 together, I went to see her,
because she was very insistant that it was imperative that
she talks business with me. start...she was late
about 10 minutes (she wanted to make me wait and to make
she that the ball was in her court...little that she new I
could outplay her later on). So, when she finally showed
up, she wated to grab some food. I suggested anything but
a salad, she angrily replied that she absolutely must have
salad. I, being an easygoing person that I am, oked it as
long as they had some human food...BTC