It smells like poop over here
2004-07-19 17:18:35 (UTC)

still at the shitty city

not much has changed, still not giving a shit at circuit
city, shawn is pissing me off, as is joe...who still
doesn't have a job yet. greg is going off to eastern in the
fall, colin just signed up for fall classes, nick is going
back to ferris, rich...he'll be sticking around. there's
not gonna be anyone around. my summer class is going ok, im
gonna sign up for fall in the next few days i hope. im
gonna give rick and bea a call either today or tomorrow,
see if they wanna hang out on wednesday after i get outta
gil is moving to chicago the 3rd week of august, he wants
to get an apartment with me, but he wants to stay at 16 and
mound area...which is about 40 minutes away, and it's not
like i don't live far away enough from school and lauren.
god damn it, is my life ever gonna come together...anyway,
still balding, still fat and smoking alotta pot. peace


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