2004-07-19 16:38:34 (UTC)

Just An Ordinary Saturday

I'm reading my tenth book for this month which will make a
total of 85 for the year when I've finished it. It's Four
Souls by Louise Erdrich, the sequel to Tracks, a book I read
when it was first published and greatly enjoyed. Summer
days, I think, are made for reading.

John and I were up early this morning. After reading the
newspaper, eating breakfast, and doing some minimal
household chores I watered the garden and flowers while John
put the recyling in the van. Then we headed off to Albany.
We dropped off the recyling, filled the van with gas and
shopped a bit at Costco but didn't get much. We went to Fred
Meyer's where we did more grocery shopping and bought an
alarm clock just like the one I've had for years and years
which happened to be on close-out for less than five
dollars. I'd wanted the same kind of clock so I wouldn't
have to deal with adjusting to a new one. I got my wish. The
only reason we bought a new one was because the numbers keep
fading in and out on the old one and while they'll sometimes
come back if I give it a good whack, sometimes it's hard to
decipher what time it is when pieces of the numbers are
missing. This is especially true in the middle of the night.

John went to Sears to buy tools but this didn't interest me
so I sat in the car and knit on a baby hat instead. It's not
a very good day for knitting but I didn't have a book with
me so I knit to have something to do. I've also been working
on a baby sweater in Christmas colors and it's almost finished.

We stopped at Goodwill and who did I find in the aisle where
they sell baskets but Glenda! We had a nice chat about our
sons and about how happy we were to no longer have to deal
with an unresponsive school system. I don't know who was
happier when our youngest sons graduated from high
school--the boys or us! We both had huge silly grins at
graduation and were almost literally dancing in the aisles,
we were both so happy to no longer have to deal with those
folks anymore. I truly sympathize with the parents who still
are. I spent most of my time talking with Glenda so I didn't
get anything. John found some techno-gizmo thing and bought

I find the weather oppressive and the air heavy although
it's nothing like it is in other parts of the country at
this time of year. The humidity would have to be much higher
and the temperatures at least another ten degrees but I
found it tiring and so did John so we both took naps.
Perhaps it also had to do with being awake in the middle of
the night last night.