Mind of a Wierdo
2004-07-17 20:18:19 (UTC)

Holy Shit!

Well I thought I would never get back to this thing. DAMN!
I read a couple of my entries. It seems the last entry was
from 2001. I think ... I can't remember. So lets update
shall we. I graduated from Highschool on time .. woohoo!
That was probably the most boring day of my life. I hated
that day ... it was so fucking boring. O yea .... Chris
and I are going on to three and a half years. To honestly
tell you ... I never thought it would last that long but
it has. We still fought but we resolved them unlike
before. Then there was a period of time that I hated him
to death and things went sour. He kinda screwed around
with one of my other best friends and well .... now I want
to kill her too. Actually I don't. She opened my eyes to
how I need to be more cautious and not so trusting to
other people. So she pretty much dropped my trust for a
WHOLE lot of people. I kind of thank her for that. I just
know that I won't be talking to her anytime
soon. ...................... I went to college ... BOO! I
am at a community college right now. I hate it ... but I
have to continue my education. I bet your thought is "So
hows life" hahahahahahah ...... actually I guess I am kind
of enjoying it. I am working at NASA ... yes I said NASA.
It is alright ... at least I get paid. Chris went off to
join the Marines. We always thought that him going to the
military and being away would eventually break us up ...
to our surprise it actually makes our relationship
stronger. For those of you who loved to hear me rant about
killing myself ... haha ... I haven't thought of that in
the longest time. No .... they started calling me an
alchy. (how the hell do you spell it) Anyway ... I took up
drinking ... I am not really an alcoholic ... I only drink
on occassion ... anyway ... I will be more than happy to
update this later .... right now I have to go. Until next
time ....