shifting mists
2004-07-17 07:23:02 (UTC)

i don't know...

Where are you?

i see you
you're there
we talk
sometimes laugh
sometimes flirt

occasionally comfort

but you aren't there

not really

you're not

i don't know where you are but it is not there
not here with me
were you ever?

where are you?
you were there
and now you're gone
and to be honest i just simply don't understand

i don't

i'm not sure i want to
i'm not sure i want to understand
i'm not sure i want to even recognize your absence

who would have ever thought i could feel MorE alone?
i had experienced it before
i had forgotten the feeling
it is like rust eating away at iron
it is like cancer eating away at my insides

and i'm falling apart


i’m so very tired
may i die now?