u think u kno...but u have no idea
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2004-07-16 19:05:07 (UTC)

court and dip lol

wow can i jsut tell u i made the BEST mexican dip
EVERRRR!!! lol im so proud of myself! but anyway....

yeaaa my parents told me like, 2 days ago that im going to
court in november now...nice how they read my mail b4 i
do...ugh that makes me sooo mad! im about to call my
atttorney and tell them to drop the case b/c i truley DO
NOT CARE anymore..the asshole is getting deported for
knockin up jess,im not in the same group of "friends" and
i currently want nothing to do with the drama, i turned my
life around in counceling sence then and im better! (thanx
to denise of course!) im just really mad that i reported
sumthing in may 2003, was told id b in court spring 2004,
then told we would wait till after jessicas case, so id go
in august 2004....but noo my lawyer wants to take a
vacation that week so now we r pushed bak to not to mention, i probly wont
even have 2 go to trial cuz they will work out a plea
bargan b4 hand, i jus wish it was over so we wouldnt have
to keep dwelling on it!

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