lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2004-07-16 04:53:17 (UTC)

holy smoke in a basket!

marisa's entry got me all crazy-like...because i've been wanting to
hang out with marisa for a looong time...and i don't know why i
don't actually do anything about it.

this epiphany was paired with the epiphany of why i don't write in
this anymore. it's too has the feelings of in the past, and i
like turning the corner every now and then. my xanga feels like
what i am now. it's full of short little entries with basically just tell-it-
like-it-is accounts of my days.

i used to be into "the group" and i used to be obsessed with music
and i used to feel the need to let everyone know how i feel all the
time. but "the group" is lame, music can't be my god, and it's really
not healthy to be so open sometimes. bleh.

anyhow, i'm hanging out with marisa tomorrow...and i'm writing in
this...but it doesn't mean i want things back the way they were. it
means i want to be done with this place so i can choose my
friends...decide who i want to keep in contact with...not be
obligated to do things that i currently am obligated to do.

think about it, jack. think about me.