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The Blue of my Oblivion
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2004-07-15 04:51:51 (UTC)

The worst summer of my life

I'm not mad at Max for setting up a livejournal. I'm not
mad at any and everyone who set up a my-diary. I really
don't care very much at all. I think everyone needs this op
to write and to get everything out in the open, everything
that needs to be set out in the open anyways. Don't worry,
I am not angry with anyone. I guess it's big sister
instincts. I always get pissed when my little brother tries
to do the things I do. I feel as if I have nothing to
myself anymore, ya know? But no, I don't think anyone
copied. I won't cast a spell on anyone. I am dramatic, but
this is not a dramatic situation. It's really not a big

Livejournal is pretty cool. I like all the choices I
have. I think I'll still keep up with this journal as well,
but I'll slowly start to use livejournal more. Sorry my-
diary, there's just so much lack of option here. That's
what I wanted at first, and I like it, don't get me wrong.
I like that it's simple and not a lot to deal with. I
simply enjoy the color and the pictures and all of the
other options.

In other news, I saw Tahe's wang. It wiggled at me...

And I kissed him, and he kissed me back - he has the
softest skin in the WORLD. I'm going to miss him like crazy
when school starts and he disappears. *tear*

Uh...and avz indirectly said I have a nice rack...we were
talking about my mom's enormous boobs, and I said I wish I
got all of my mom's genes, but instead I have boobs like my
dad, and then he said well your dad has a nice rack...so
yeah...and just to clarify, I don't have boobs like my dad,
it was a figure of speech...

I'm ready for things to go back to normal. I'm ready to
be back in my house again, I'm ready to go back to school,
I'm ready to be able to care about someone again, I'm ready
to be happy again. Alas nothing will ever be normal again.
Eventually maybe, but "eventually" is farther off than
anyone cares to know.

This has positively been THE WORST summer of my life.

for more, check livejournal.com, under the name antbeear.


quote of the day:

"Remember babe, your imperfections make you beautiful."
-Denny, talking about my self-destructive behavior