The Nine Faces of Dave
2004-07-15 04:02:57 (UTC)

bastille day

Continuing with our tradition (in the most liberal sense) of
celebrating obscure holidays, happy Bastille Day.

Stuff's been falling apart and coming back together at work,
resulting in my having to rework a bunch of stuff. I admit
I'm getting vaguely concerned about whether we'll get as far
along as was intended before my time runs out. But I guess
if it doesn't work it doesn't work. I hope it does though,
because if this turns out well I could have a job set up for
at least one more summer, and maybe more. Of course there's
no guarantee, but enough people come back from year to year
that I think my chances are pretty sound. And if it came to
fruition I'd certainly come back.

I do think it's important that I keep working, both for the
cash flow and for personal satisfaction. I also don't think
I can afford another summer of nothing but slacking off and
working out; entirely too much idle time for my mind to cook
up new paranoias. Having a job helps keep that controlled.

Furthermore, it also helps me keep from flipping out over my
historically bad luck with women. I think the secret is to
stay busy, and between work, exercise, and all the personal
projects I have going (such as my scarf), I've kept occupied
this summer. There have been a couple of rough spots, but I
think overall I've done much better than average.

The only drawback to that approach is that I fail to notice
anything that might be construed as a possible development.
What can I say, it's hard to keep focus on so many things at
one time. The point is, I'm very likely to once again have
a moment like at that party last semester. That was not one
of my best hours. But oh well, it beats feeling shitty all
the time because of something I only halfway control.

I suppose I can't spend all my time keeping busy; eventually
I'll run out of stuff to do. But for now it'll work.

This is Dave, signing off.