u think u kno...but u have no idea
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2004-07-14 20:58:14 (UTC)

went over pauls last night, had..

went over pauls last night, had a freakin ball! haha yes,
thats right, the parents let me out on probation finally
hahaha and TJ is comin up from jersey tonight, so he sed
hes guna stop by mst on my break and see me (woo hoo!) i
havent sen him sence, 2 summers ago! so that'll b cool
and then tonight im off yet again to an annie rehersal and
im soo done with sean's crap....he freaks me out...i dont
think he comprehends the word "ILLEGAL" ew...hes just
groose but anyway, thats all for now, yo tengo que
estudiar pour la examen manana en la clase de espanol!! (i
have to go study for the test tomoro in spanish!)