Too Much to Say
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2004-07-14 16:08:30 (UTC)

prince charming?

i'm not too sure what i even want to write about. i feel
like saying something, i just don't know what.

well...clearly i want to talk about jason. i just don't
get it. he seriously treats me so good. how did i get so

i've always had my fairy tale somewhat planned
out, and jason doesn't fit the plan...but maybe that's why
it is so great. it's a surprise everyday. like i said
before, how romantic would it be if i knew what was coming


we had our first real date monday night. it was
incredible. it just cracks me up how everytime we do
something together where we really get to talk and hang
out, i like him more and more.

we went to salt grass for dinner...omg. it was soooo
good. we just kept staring at each other, not saying a
word. he broke our gaze once and said, "you make me so
nervous." haha, funny. i like that.

after dinner we drove around rockwall and he bought me some
bath and body works spray. (how adorable) then we went
and watched the sunset by the lake. he's such a romantic,
i love it!!! he probably told me how beautiful i was like
50 times, no joke. i couldn't wipe the dumb grin off my
face all night.

at the end of the night we went back to his house where he
had wine and chocolate covered strawberries that he made
himself. i about died. everything was so romantic. i
wouldn't have changed one thing about that night. it was
seriously the perfect date.

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