Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2004-07-14 08:50:51 (UTC)

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so, two weeks ago, i bought a weight bench, been doing sets
of 30 since i bought it,
yesterday i pushed myself to 50, and the same today.. I
gotta say I am rather proud
of myself over it.. my arms are fricken killing me, but it’s
all good.. :)

sometime this week i should be getting my bike, and be
riding around all over
the damned place! Woot! now all I have to do is stop buying
pepsi.. i stopped
last week for 2 days, and i went a day this week.. so,
hopefully, i’ll get to 3 days
next week... bike around for at least 3 hours a day, everyday...


on another note, i am throughly enjoying myself.. this
really nice grrl i’ve been talking
to seems like a whole lotta fun.. the fact i know she’s
ticklish and is one of those tactile
people will be the death of her tho.. mwahahahaha.. :p

of course, i think i’m in big trouble! lol, cause she’ll get
me in the end!