Best Left Unspoken
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2004-07-14 00:15:04 (UTC)

Chapter Seven Dawning Of A New Day

That night I had cried and wept explaining to Sky. He
held me and told me that we would make it through
everything. We were going to tell my parents together, but
not until after the game.
The night of the game crept up on me faster than I had
wanted to. My blood rushed to my head as sat in Lara's
newly painted car with Lara, Kara, Nevaeh, and Sky. I
started to hypervenilate and had to wait outside the car
until it all started.
Less than halfway through the game Davey, Hunter, and
Jade pushed a gagged and confused Megan into Lara's trunk.
Davey and Hunter waited at the game for our call. Jade,
Sky, Kara, and I squeezed into the back of Lara's small
car. Lara sped toward the private place for Megan's death.
We had driven almost twenty minutes from the school's
parking lot when Lara pulled onto a secluded rode and
turned off the car. My head was pounding in rhythm with my
heart, which was beating at the speed of light.
"What are we waiting for?" Sky opened the door and
jumped out of the car. Everyone followed. It seemed as if
I was the only one there having second thoughts as Jade
pulled a paniced Megan out of the trunk.
Sky took the wooden bat out of the trunk and smiled at
Megan. "Do you know why you are?" Sky asked her. Megan
shook her head because her mouth was stuffed with a large
cloth. Then there was a large piece of masking tape over
the cloth to keep it in her mouth. Sky laughed and hit her
in the stomach as hard as he could with the bat.
Everyone else took turns hitting her as silent tears
streamed from her eyes. As Jade handed me the bat I looked
at it and thought of not doing it.
"Hit her in the head so we can start the fire," Lara
I looked at the bat again and thought of how made Megan
had made me. I held the bat high above her head and swung,
hittin her near the temple. I closed my eyes and slowly
opened them to find Megan Adams with her eyes closed. She
was knocked out, maybe even dead.
I watched in terror as Kara poured gasoline over Megan
and the bat. I couldn't move as Lara lit a match then
threw it on Megan. Then I almost threw up as I watched
Megan's skin burn into the ground. After I stood in
disbelief as Jade buried the little bits that were left of
her and the ashes. Kara stomped on the ground to pat down
the dug up ground.
An hour later I stood outside Lara's, once again, newly
painted car. I stood leaning on a tree hypervenilating
again, then I fainted. I didn't come to for almost ten
minutes. I guess that is just what murdering a person does
to you.
When I finally did open my eyes everyone around me were
trying to keep calm.
"Are you ok?" Sky asked helping me up.
"Yeah, thanks," I said brushing myself off.
As we rode back toward the school Sky called Davey and
Hunter on his cell phone. I didn't listen as much as I
should have when I recieved the details of the game, but
it's hard to listen when you just participated in a murder.