u think u kno...but u have no idea
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2004-07-13 18:53:30 (UTC)

~i miss u~

alrighty....well summer school is actually goin good!
annie is comin to a close, and wow im almost done bein
grounded, yes! cant even wait! cept today kinda sucks, cuz
i was suposed to hang out with paul yesterday, but then i
couldnt cuz i didnt get a hold of my mom in time, and so
we were guna hang out today but we cant now cuz his mom
dosent want to drive to my house or something, i dont even
no. ughh! its so frustrating im gettin pissed. i was sooo
mad at him yesterday cuz i was just trying to come up with
diferent plans for us to hang out and he was makin excuses
n shit and i was like fine, we wont hang out then, but
dont complain to me bout never bein able to see me wen im
the only one trying to make it work. im definatly not
letting this turn into a one way relationship, i dont play
that game. i wont waste my energy tryin to make it work if
he isnt doing anything to make it work.
so here i am, typing all thsi shit, and waiting to see if
my fone rings at 4 for him to say "baby! my mom changed
her mind! we can come pick u up!".....but i no that probly
wont happen. i miss him soo much!