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2004-07-13 16:36:17 (UTC)

Mountan climbing

It feels like Im climbing on a mountain these days, there
are good moments, but most of them are hard.
My father is living in a nother place, he has not moved
out mut my mother said he can not come home at this point.
We have family from abord wisiting, but it turns out quite
nice most of the time.
At this moment Im doing good, so theres no use of
complaning righ now, it will be planty of that later. But
it only takes a while before everything is turnd. Like
yesterday when we got a letter from my father, talking to
him on the phone or somthing. I have not seen him in a
while, but Karoline and Grace have, my mother and our
guest, but not in our hose.

Tommy came over at Satturday, it took him quite a while
and even that upset me!
He said he was leaving Sunday, wich aldo upset me, I had
not seen him for a few days and would not have the chance
to see him for a couple of days agen. But in the end he
satyd with me til Monday morning when he had to go to
work, and it feelt good.
I get upset from nothing these days, but so do my sisters.
And Im exhusted cause this should have been my holiday,
and I get allmost no sleep. Im a godt host so I stay up
with them til 01, then the children are waking up us with
a bell to have breakfast.
And since Karoline and Gracie is in such a bad mood in the
morning I have to be extra sweet.

The moving out plans are on ice at this moment, Im not
looking for appartments, but buy things for the place I
have not stil got.
The family needs me now, and I feel like I have to stay
here more than usal. I cant just go to Tommys and leave
the problems here. But one day I`ll have a place on my
own, one sweet day.

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