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2004-07-13 15:43:23 (UTC)


its amazing what can happen at the most unlikely time. i
have just returned from a trip to europe. i went with my
mom and dad and brother. we flew into geneva and stayed
with my moms best friend from high school, ayse (pronounced
eye-shay its a tough one i know). anyway, we were there
for two days and then we all went to provence in france.
we stayed there for 5 days and saw at least one or two
little towns a day. it was beautiful. i took 6 rolls of
film!!! so i just need to drop that off... i cant wait to
get them developed. goodness... one of the main
highlights of my trip was going to the UN for
an "information session" with one of ayse's friends from
high school. we talked about job possibilities. in order
to work for a branch of the UN you must speak two of their
languages fluently. the languages are french, spanish,
arabic, chinese, and english. so that weeds a lot of
people out to begin with. of course i speak english and
spanish fluently so thats not a problem. :) there are
about a million different organizations i could work for.
and christina (ayse's friend) knows all these people who
work with most of them. also, she knows some key figures
of the BBC, CNN, MSNBC. so i could possibly end up using
my journalism!! which would be cool i guess. i know i say
i dont like it that much, but working with one of those
corporations would be ok with me.... im sort of leaning
towards the possibility of the BBC. of course that would
mean moving to bah badda bah...... ENGLAND OR IRELAND!!!
how fucking cool would that be???!?!?!?!?! soooo when i
get back from australia... ive got my work cut out for me.
im destined to live abroad. ive always known this. its
just funny how it may actually be taking shape. its
definately in the beginning stages, but oh the
possibilities!! so thats the good news.........

on the other side of the coin... i had a message when i got
back from my doctor. i had an abnormal pap smear. i have
a high risk HPV infection. i have been online researching
this since i got off the phone. the low risk version of
this infection is actually genital warts... ew! which
thank jesus, i dont have. however, i might actually rather
have that since you can get rid of it and are not really at
a large risk for cancer. the high risk version is
precancerous. BUT it may not ever develop into that.
apparently 3 out of 4 people get it. it is technically a
sexually transmitted infection. but, and heres the scary
part for all who read this: condoms dont protect against
it. so at least i dont have to think of myself as a stupid
dirty whore who didnt use protection. haha. so i have an
appointment with a gyno to have further testing done in a
week and a few days. most of the time it goes away on its
own and the person never knows they have it. i talked to
my mom and she said she had it when she was pregnant with
jeremy and it went away on its own. so also, given that my
mom had it and at this point i have had as many sexual
partners that she has in her life and im not even close to
being married, i dont feel that bad about myself.
hahahaha. ok not a laughing matter. but yeah. apart from
never wanting to have sex again, im not really worried
about it that much. heh. i mean you think you are being
good and using a condom even though that SUCKS, and you
still get this cool STD. yay! ok im going to stop making
fun of myself now. anyway..... good lord i have more to
say but im sick of typing.

long story short... ashley moved out. she is in indonesia
now for two months. i would love the opportunity to beat
her ass. she is definately on my shit list at the moment.
reasons why at a later time...

so now i have a new roommate... again. its colleen. she
works at castlebay. i think it will be cool. however, she
is not here and she didnt stay here last night. im going
to give her a call soon.... i dont know where she is.
although she was going to go to her parents yesterday, so
maybe she stayed there. oookkk. im really done typing
now. bye bye.

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