No time for love Dr. Jones
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2004-07-13 04:14:22 (UTC)

Nice haircut, Neve...

I just found out the other day (sorry, been busy and the
site wouldn't let me on...) that Chris' Dad committed
suicide. It's not a huge thing that affects me overly, it's
just kind of sad.

In the interests of remembering him properly, in the way he
would've wanted, here's may favourite anecdote involving

Mr. Chris always used to refer to us (Chris' friends) by
our surnames. It was strange at first, then you just got
used to it. One day whilst I was over there, Ryan came
around looking for Chris. He walked in the front door and
said hi to Mr. Chris and this was the reaction he
got. "Nice haircut, Neve. I wish I had two of them... one
to shit on and one to cover it up with"

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