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2004-07-12 17:23:04 (UTC)


yesterday was amazing! brett called me at 10... we went out
to breakfast at bob evans. we had the gayest waiter and i
couldn't understand half the words she said, it was aweful!
lol... um, than after breakfast he took me back home to get
ready. we went to the zoo! that was so much fun! the best
part was when a monkey was swinging on the ropes and it
jumped onto the glass and scared the crap out of us bc it
looked like it wasn't going to stop! ha.. guess its one of
those things that you had to be there to understand. um, we
stayed at the zoo for about 4 hours but had to leave bc it
started to pour!! so i fell asleep on the way home, lol,
didn't mean to... and then we go back to bretts bc we were
going to have dinner at my house w/ my fam. so uhhh brett
took a shower and got ready. NUFF on that subject. :) umm
and then we went back to my house, had dinner w/ my fam.
blah blah... then we went back to bretts to get his
swimming trunks bc we were going swimming @ ken's pool (his
mom's boyfriend) bc they are up in michigan. but brett had
this like allergic reaction or heat rash or something so i
had to play nurse and get the itching to stop. lol, um, so
we went swimming from like 9-10:30 and i was told that my
bathing suit was hoochy... well coming from my boyfriend...
isn't he supposed to be glad that its hoochy? lol.. that
was a lot of fun!!! and then we went back to his house,
washed up, and just hung out... we're in the process of
watching the first 3 seasons of simpsons on DVD.. but
yea... i def. fell asleep for an hour, but oh well. any
way.... its 1:20 and i got stuff to do around the house
before i head off to work. ill update later. i'm getting
better at doing this... kinda :/ ha...


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